Brown University

My senior year at Brown, I wanted to combine my interests in science and theatre, so I recruited some friends, and with the help of the chemistry department, created a "Night of Chemistry" demonstrations in April 2012.   The purpose of the event was to expose the local community to science and to generate interest in science classes among Brown students (at Brown there is an "open curriculum," so there are no required core courses outside one's chosen concentration). Below are youtube links to the demos:


Flame Tests

Bending Laser Light

Nitrocellulose (Gun Cotton)

Flaming Money

Gummy Worms

pH changes

Liquid Nitrogen

Luminol (Glow Sticks)

Elephant Toothpaste

Special Thanks to the Brown University Chemistry Department (Senior Lecturer Dr. Kathleen Hess, Prof. Matthew Zimmt,  and John Gelany, for support and to Meg, Jordi, Christopher, and Andrew for helping me with the demos).